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FACT: In the Bible, The Ten Commandments are not numbered.
FACT: Many Christians can list the Seven Dwarves from Snow White, but cannot list the Ten Commandments.
FACT: If you follow any Abrahamic religion, God commanded that you follow ten simple rules.
Do you know them?
Do you follow them?


The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God for all man to follow. They are unbendable, and unbreakable rules for mankind to live by.



1. There is only ONE GOD, and he doesn't want you to worship anyone else.

2. You don't know what GOD looks like, don't pretend to. Don't worship anything material as if it were him. Don't make anything that you think might be him. Worship him and him alone.

3. Don't Slander GOD. He doesn't like that. Don't invoke his name for bad stuff... That bugs him too.

4. Keep Holy the Sabbath day. On the Seventh day he rested. You should too. Use that time to worship him.

5. Don't disrespect your Mom and Dad. Make them Proud.

6. Don't MURDER. The Roman Catholic says 'Kill' but it means Murder. GOD knows you have to eat and since all things are living, essentially you have to kill to survive. So just don't murder.

7. Don't Cheat on your spouse. GOD says that looking lustfully on the opposite sex is the same as cheating... Good to know.

8. Don't steal things that are not yours.

9. Don't Lie. GOD does not like liars, for lies are the work of the Devil.

10. Don't envy. More specifically, don't want for things others have, and don't look lustfully on other's spouses (See #7.)

The punishment for breaking any one of these Ten Commandments is eternal Damnation. That's right, damnation. If you break a rule, you go to hell. God was a pretty unforgiving guy, truth be told.


...there IS good news: "This is how GOD showed his love among us: He sent his only son into the world that we might live through him." (John 4:9)
In other words, Jesus Died for YOUR SALVATION! Jesus said that it was only through him that man could get to the FATHER! If you except Christ, you get into Heaven, despite the fact that you are an imperfect sinner!

You see, God will still bear judgment, however, Jesus stands by your side, Sort of like a defense attorney. Jesus says "It's okay Dad, This one is with me!" and GOD reserves his judgment, knowing your debt of sin was paid in full!

Something to think about.

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Although Freedom of Faith celebrates the basic human right of Freedom of Religion, it is important to note that the site creator IS CHRISTIAN and this site contains CHRISTIAN UNDERTONES as well as information on other religions. If you are unsure of your faith and want an unbiased assessment of your faith, please visit the "WHAT IS MY FAITH?" Link in the page menu.

Freedom of Faith welcomes all views and deems none as wrong. Feel free to share your opinion on the "YOUR VOICE" page.

Thank you