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Freedom of Faith has been around for as long as the freedom of choice.


The C-U-L-T originally started as The Freedom of Faith (FoF) Online Ministry on Tripod was founded by Reverend Steven J. Adelmund and Padre Perry Moore on November 15th, 2006. The purpose of the site was to allow a place for people to share their theological beliefs without being forced onto the beliefs of others or being judged. It was also intended to educate those in search of what their personal religous beliefs were.

With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our personal faiths. The C-U-L-T is determined to help those who need guidence, or have a need to guide, find their place. We wish allow everyone the freedom of religion and freedom of speech that they are entitled to. 

We invite you to become a member of the C-U-L-T today by giving us your views on faith and you will become a piece of its history tomorrow. Buy sharing your thoughts, you spread your own personal word. Believe!


Although Freedom of Faith celebrates the basic human right of Freedom of Religion, it is important to note that the site creator IS CHRISTIAN and this site contains CHRISTIAN UNDERTONES as well as information on other religions. If you are unsure of your faith and want an unbiased assessment of your faith, please visit the "WHAT IS MY FAITH?" Link in the page menu.

Freedom of Faith welcomes all views and deems none as wrong. Feel free to share your opinion on the "YOUR VOICE" page.

Thank you