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There are many common misconceptions about Tarot and the use of the cards. The cards, when used as a guidence tool are a great gift! When misused- for fortune telling and games, Tarot are the tool of the Devil (or so many will tell you).

     The truth of the matter is this: The term Tarot is not mentioned in the bible. Not once. Witchcraft and fortune telling are. The ladder is mentioned as evil to be avoided at all times. Often, Tarot and the art of reading them is unfairly and unjustly tied to Witchcraft and Fortune telling. One is not dependant on the other.
     Though Witches often use Tarot as a tool for spells and other means, this does not make the cards themselves evil. That is like saying that because I own a gun, that gun will kill someone. No, the gun will only kill someone if it is used to do so. It is not the item, it is how the item is used. If you use Tarot as a tool for evil, then you will get evil results. If you use them as a tool of enlightnement, you may find yourself enlightened.
   Like many things in life, Tarot is an often misunderstood, misused, and under studied art. It is never wise to jump to conculsions just because you THINK you know all the answers. Study. Research. Make a wise decision based on what you have learned. The Bible tells us to "Stop Judging by mere apearances and make a right judgment." [John 7:24]
   Some believe that Tarot is actually a gift from God. A passage to a deeper understanding of the universe and ones self. A wonderful study about this subject and concept can be found here:
     I encourage you to start your studies of Tarot there if you wish to see how the cards can tie to The Bible and a path to the Biblical YHWH, or God.
     I personally use tarot to help people focus on the challenges people are facing. Most already know that what their issues are, but are unable or unwilling to face them. Through Tarot people are able to face their issues and figure out what they want to do.
     After receiving an email on the subject, I feel it is important to say that though Tarot can help you see inside your self to your deeper issues, that it is not ment to communicate for "The Holy Spirit." I still encourage the use of Tarot to get a sense of deeper self and help you and others focus on the best path to take to positivly face and resolve issues, however I also encourage prayer. Tarot is no subsitute for prayer or daily meditation. Nothing is.

A great site to continue to study Tarot is


Although Freedom of Faith celebrates the basic human right of Freedom of Religion, it is important to note that the site creator IS CHRISTIAN and this site contains CHRISTIAN UNDERTONES as well as information on other religions. If you are unsure of your faith and want an unbiased assessment of your faith, please visit the "WHAT IS MY FAITH?" Link in the page menu.

Freedom of Faith welcomes all views and deems none as wrong. Feel free to share your opinion on the "YOUR VOICE" page.

Thank you