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The Views of our founders: 

The Theology of Padre Perry Moore
A Word from Padre Perry, Deep Thoughts:

"I think that sound is a concept that was developed by those who can perceive it. That people who can hear and animals that can hear have highly technical methods of perceiving vibrations in the air/water/solid things as distinct noises. Sound, I interpret, to be the result of vibrations against our sensory organs, and exsists only in our minds. Therefore, I believe that if a tree fell in the woods, and there was literally no one to hear it, nothing that has any ability to interpret such vibrations, there would be vibrations but would make no sound."

Padre Perry on Music:

"Know what I realized last night when I heard the Trans Siberian Orchestra for the first time? Between this and Richard Cheese, I'm finding that over the years different generations have appreciated different styles of music, and Generation Y is taking the biggest step toward bridging the gap between all generation's music. Or am I looking too much into it?"

Padre Perry on Life Lessons:

Date: Mar 15, 2007 1:56 PM

Last night I was locked out of my house, I walked into the cold night without keys, wallet, or cell phone.  from 9:00 pm, I walked on a spiritual quest until 2:00am, when my shins felt as if to be cracking, my calves pumping battery acid, and my feet weathering away to excruciation.  I ventured to walmart and back, and all over the town.  I found these simple truths now were evident. 

1.  Wealth, as well as love, can leave more quickly than they are received. 

2.  We expect things to be free, and feel ripped off when they aren't given.  (when was the last time you washed your hands at a public restroom and there were no paper towels?  Well, why the fuck do we deserve free paper towels?)


3.  Even a stick that is to weak to be supportive on a walk can be utilized properly to have more strength than you thought.  (even someone who seems useless, and replaceable, can use themselves to be greater than they were)

So remember, love with your heart, then love with your head... only then should you love with other body parts. 

Padre Perry on The History of Faith and Multiple Gods Vs. One god:
"I don't know whether or not to think of it as a power struggle, like gods get their powers from having many believers.  So maybe there used to be many gods with different names depending on culture, and then one day one stepped up and told some jews, "Hey, you worship me before anyone else, or I'll bust a cap."  And then other gods lost power because they were basically just forgotten about, until 1500-2000 years later the phrase became Shahadah, "There is only one god and Muhammad is his profit."  This was during a time in Arabia where they were falling into a degenerate society (as we think of societies today) and they were believing in many gods again.  So just as a refresher, to not lose power, old I Am up there stepped up and said basically, "you gotta be a believer or live in the fire."  All societies believed in many gods or spirits up until the Abrahamic faiths sprung up, and suddenly there is only one that's good enough to worship."
The Theology of  Rev. Steven J. Adelmund
I wrote the words below after being confirmed as a Catholic, but after I started to lose my way in God. Since writing this, I have refound my path and do not feel the same.
A Word from Steve: What happens after death?
      "I used to believe that what a person thought would happen to them in death, would happen. If you thought you would rot, you would rot. My opinions changed and now I know what happens after death. In 2004 I found myself on the docks of a resteraunt in the Carribbean looking up at a starrey sky with my younger brother Paul and my cousin, Zach. Somehow the topic of the afterlife came up. Zach asked me if I believed in reincarnation and asked what I thought would happen after we die. I was courious to see what his little eight year old mind would come up with, as I thought that a question of such depth came from someone wise beyond his years. I turned the question back on him. I remember that he told me in a matter-of-fact tone, that he knew what happened. He told me that our souls are like drivers, and our bodies like cars. I asked him what he meant. He told me that cars get old, they break down, and eventually are useless so they need to be traded in. The soul only grows stronger from the experiences that made the body weaker."
      "He posed the question to me that since we have freedom of choice in life, why wouldn't we have freedom of choice in the afterlife? He said that he believed that God loved us so much that when we die, God gives us the choice to come back and start over. We get to keep what we learned in the past life, and only go into heaven when we have learned all that we need to. When our souls have grown to their full potential. He explained to me that he believed that this is why some children die at such a young age. Because during their short time on earth, their young soul learned the value of the human touch or of love. the conversation lasted about an hour, but in that hour my eyes were opened to my faith. An eight year old educated me on his beliefs and showed me his wisdom beyond anything he could have possibly have learned during his time." 
Renewed faith in Jesus Christ...
"I have lost and found my way to God more than once In my short time on earth. I am not a rightous man, but I try to be. I am falible, I am sinful, but I still have faith. No matter what trials and trebulations come my way, I have faith in my Lord to grant me his wisdom to resolve my issues. I have faith that, though I am a sinner and far from a saint, Jesus' death on the cross grants me safe passage to heaven in the afterlife. Death is something to celebrate, not moarn. In death we are granted the ultimate reward, if we accept Christ! We are given a chance to be with GOD and JESUS in heaven! I know that I go through daily trials only to grow stronger, and wiser. I know that the purpose for me to go through these trials is to renew my faith daily in Christ."

Rev. Steven's Sign from God
     I drive 45 minutes from where I live to where I work. One day, on the way to work, I realized I would need gas in order to get home. The problem was that I only had $2.50 in my pocket which would get me about a gallon of gas. I thought I may be able to borrow a few dollars from a co-worker, so I thought I would put gas in the tank after work. After a hard day's work, I got in my car, ready to head home wanting to forget about the stress of the day. I turned on the radio and drove past the gas station...
     I had forgotten not only to put gas in the car, but to borrow the money I would need to do it. I realized this about fifteen miles out of town as I looked down at the gas meter that shown bright red at me. The Gas light was on, I was about 25 minutes from the nearest town. I thought for sure I would be getting a long walk in before the day was over. For about 10 minutes I held my breath, putting it in neutral and crusing down the hills of the Iowa country road, then back into gear as I climbed the next one, my eyes only leaving the road to check the meter...
     ...I was begining to panic...
     ...then I remembered, I had a back up plan: God!
     I said a quick and quiet prayer to God telling him that I trusted in him and that my car and life were in his hands. I surrendered my control to him. Though I was still tense, I no longer tried to cost down the hills or even checked my gas meter. What was going to happen, would happen. I knew God Had a plan for me.
     Several miles later, I pulled up to the gas pump and put $2.50 worth of gasoline into the car after it died there. I smiled at the sky and said "Thanks"
     I walked in to pay the lady behind the counter. She was a teenage girl wearing a brown vintage Blues Brothers shirt with God's message to me written on it...
"On a Mission From God."
    I laughed to myself, told the girl I liked her shirt, and Got back into my car, driving safely home...
     Moral of the story: God does speak to us, and has a great sense of humor!


Although Freedom of Faith celebrates the basic human right of Freedom of Religion, it is important to note that the site creator IS CHRISTIAN and this site contains CHRISTIAN UNDERTONES as well as information on other religions. If you are unsure of your faith and want an unbiased assessment of your faith, please visit the "WHAT IS MY FAITH?" Link in the page menu.

Freedom of Faith welcomes all views and deems none as wrong. Feel free to share your opinion on the "YOUR VOICE" page.

Thank you